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Metalúrgica Antonio Fernandes is a mechanical engineering company founded in 1969 and which main activity is machinery's manufacture, assembly and maintenance (crushers, mills of various types, vibrating screens, conveyors and all its accessories, feeders of several types, etc.) and also the production of all structures inherent to crushing.
Fruit of our growing commitment and recognition in the market, the company has developed steadily over the years, and, in 2000, we left its initial location in the west of Lisbon and relocate the fabric in order to meet new market demands.

We now have modern and functional facilities, a fact which created conditions for Metalúrgica Antonio Fernandes' competitiveness. The company can currently respond to other market segments such as manufacturing and assembly containment walls and the manufacture and assembly of all types of iron structures, tracks such as crane services, lathe, boring machine, milling, cutting, bending and mangling plate.

Metalúrgica Antonio Fernandes have even crossed borders and we are proud to have customers in countries such as Spain, France, Italy, Angola, Mozambique, Cape Verde, Sao Tome and Principe, Guinea-Bissau among others.

Our continuous evolution led us to being a certified company, since 2005, according to rule ISO 9001:2008.


Today Metalúrgica Antonio Fernandes is a company able to respond with great efficiency, effectiveness and competitiveness to any request of the market regarding our operation area:
- Design manufacture and installation of crushing plants according to the specific needs of each client.

- Design, manufacture and assembly of all types of metal structures.

- Maintenance and repair of machinery, structures and other equipment for crushing plants, in particular, and other industries, in general.

- Industrial Maintenance.

- Very competitive prices on conveyor belts, rollers conveyors, motorizations.
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